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Girl with a Shoulder Tattoo

tattoo removal


LUX Series tattoo removal devices work by utilising a high powered Q-Switched ND:YAG laser known for their outstanding ability to remove a variety of tattoo inks.


The light is aimed at the unwanted tattoo, and then applied to the skin in pulses.


This process allows the tattoo to absorb the light which in turn shatters the pigments into tiny fragments. The fragments are then removed by the body’s natural filtration system.


The results leads to permanent fading of the tattoo, or removal of the tattoo altogether.

Image by Nadin Mario
Image by Dewang Gupta
Image by Icons8 Team
Galaxy Tattoo
Wrist Tattoo


Consult patch test $49
redeemed on first treatment over $89

2cmx2cm $99

4cmx4cm $149

8cmx4cm $179

10cmx6cm $209

12cmx8cm $239

15cmx11cm $269

A5 area $349

2/3 A4 area $419

A4 area $489


It is also important to remember the waves lengths of light used during the treatment are specifically designed to be attracted only to the tattoo pigments, leaving surrounding healthy skin tissue untouched.

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