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Skin Care

Permanent Hair Removal


IPL Hair Removal is a fast comfortable and permanent alternative to waxing.  IPL is fast becoming the most popular hair removal treatment.  Imagine not having to shave or wax anymore!

At Skin Deep Beauty we can treat dark brown/black hair, with traditional IPL or SHR , we also can now treat BLONDE & RED hair with our E-Light hand piece, as long as the hair follicle has pigment we can treat it. IPL works by converting light energy into heat energy.  

Fashion Model

For a month before your treatment you will need to stop waxing that area.  Alternatively you can shave the area right up until the treatment.  However it is important to have some hair follicles in that area while undergoing this treatment.  


This is very important to remember as hair follicles are required for this treatment to occur.  This is due to IPL sending light down the hair shaft where it converts to heat energy and prevents the blood supply to that area.  Without the blood supply the hair follicle is void of any nutrition for it to grow.



Each hair follicle grows at different times resulting in a series of regular IPL treatments to that area, to eliminate hair growth.  


Our friendly beauty therapists are all qualified in IPL and will be able to answer all your questions.

Bare Skins

Ladies IPL

Consult patch test $49
redeemed on first treatment over $89

Centre of brows $29                                      

Chin $29                                 

Upper lip $29                         

Full face $ 69                         

Front or back of neck $49      

Standard Bikini $49                

Extended Bikini $59               

Brazilian $89

Underarms $49

Half lower legs $ 160

Half upper legs $ 170

Full legs $ 229

Half arms $119

Full arms $ 160

Naval line $ 49

Areola $29

Image by Raspopova Marina

Mens IPL

Beard including neck $79

Front of neck $ 59

Back of Neck $59

Chest and Abs $159

Upper and Lower back $159

Full back and shoulders $ 180

Full arms $ 185

Full Legs $ 259

Speedo $ 79

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